Won’t You Be Freezing?!

note: this post has been changed from it’s original formatting… it has been modified to fit the most popular question folks seem to have for me

You’re going to Antarctica? But why? It’s so cold! Won’t you be miserable???!

Those that have known me for years know that I rarely wear a jacket if I don’t have to. I can’t tell you how many times my parents yelled at me as a child for carrying my jacket instead of wearing it. Cold doesn’t bother me that much. It’s a mental state. You choose to let it affect your happiness.

As it’s the biggest base and the one where I’ll most likely be stationed, let’s take a look at McMurdo Station. The mean average temperature here is 0 degrees Fahrenheit. In the summer, temperatures can reach 46 degrees Fahrenheit and in the winter about -58 degrees.

Looking at the warmer half of the year: 46? That’s t-shirt weather for me. Last week sometime I left my house at 4am to drive to the set of the new Arnold Schwarzenegger film (I was an extra in a memorial scene). It was about 46 degrees Fahrenheit. I was just fine in a short-sleeve dress. Could I have stayed outside for hours? No. But to walk across a parking lot, get in a bus, walk to wardrobe then walk to the trailer to change? I was fine.

My friend Krystal and I went to a painting class last Friday. I showed up in a black tank top and jeans with a lightweight scarf. It was 23 degrees Fahrenheit. The employee at the class went to take my jacket then, realizing I wasn’t wearing one looked at my friend bewildered. I shrugged… I felt the cold, but it didn’t bother me.

Today the outside weather “feels like” -5 degrees Fahrenheit (that’s -20 to you Celsius folks). That’s just below the mean yearly temperature at McMurdo. Is it cold outside? Yes. Hell yes. It’s really cold. But, is it “OMG I’M MISERABLE” cold to me? Nope. I’m currently in jeans, a thin silk shirt, and a faux leather jacket. I would have liked a pair of gloves but otherwise I was fine walking a lap around the parking lot.

Don’t get me wrong.

Antarctica will be cold.

It will be colder than I’ve ever experienced.

There will be temperatures cold enough to give me frostbite in just a few minutes.

All I’m saying is, cold isn’t something that makes me absolutely miserable. I’ll be fine.

Bring it on.

(post image source: Disney…. ugh I forgot to copy the link I borrowed it from)

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