Freezing Man?!

Okay. I knew I wanted to go to Antarctica… but now I HAVE to go.

….I just found out that Antarctica hosts a one-night burn event each year called Freezing Man.

I’ve been to Burning Man so I feel it only necessary that I attend the southernmost version…right?

Also, I was wondering if I should take my poi and/or staff with me… that answers that question.

UPDATE: The OP, Kaleigh, from my source below responded to a comment I made on her blog to let me know that:

This year, we did not have Freezing Man, but we do have a weekly hula jam and I wander around with my contact juggling ball every once in a while. All activities are run by volunteers, so if you can get down here, you can start a circus jam or help run Freezing Man!

UPDATE: This event needs a coordinator, etc. Whereas Kaleigh stated they didn’t have one that year, it looks like they did the next. I’m excited to see if it happens in 2017!


post image source

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