Miscellaneous Tidbits

A compilation of random notes I’ve made on a slip of paper in my desk…

“The first time you come down for the adventure. The second time for the money. And the third time because you can’t function anywhere else anymore.”

  • There are standard hazing practices. One is to crumble crackers into the hood of the parka of the new guy and send him to 155 to get something, then sit back and let the skua do all the work.

“We are the people who weren’t very firmly attached to the rest of the world, and fell to the bottom” – Unknown worker at McMurdo

  • They can rebook the going-home flights to be whatever we want (just pay the difference)

“Bob’s been down here 15 seasons – some winterovers, some summers, some winters and has some good stories to tell about what it’s like to see the sun rise after six months of darkness….”

  • If you’re going to do any traveling AFTER Antarctica, make sure to the get requisite immunizations BEFORE heading to Antarctica as they may not be available otherwise. You can drop them off at medical on base to be stored.
  • Roommate requests are allowed
  • In packing you only get 75lbs to Antarctica.
    • 7lbs of your ECW gear will be counted in this

“You will do this because you will discover that having adventures is one of the main reasons to have a life in the first place.”

  • Every camp that’s staffed by human beings has enough food and fuel to last two years if the camp is somehow isolated from civilization
  • All the ATMs are Wells Fargo

“Also overheard in a completely casual conversation held along The Hwy in Bldg 155: “Yeah, check it out, half my ear dropped off last week. I was only outside for about 10 minutes but it must have been close to -100 so it got pretty frostbitten but I didn’t notice till the black part fell off. Oh, here! Did you see my Halloween costume this year??…” Yeah….glad I have Tiffany’s beanie AND balaclava. Although further eavesdropping revealed that the woman speaking had been at the Pole when it happened.”

  • “…figured out that if both heating vents are blocked with duct tape and paper towels and we run the humidifier she got from Skua all the time, our room starts to feel like a tropical rainforest. Given how dry it is down here, it feels AMAZING.”

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