Still Not Very Attached to the World

“We are the people who weren’t very firmly attached to the rest of the world, and fell to the bottom”

Holy fudge. It’s been a few months (like six..) since I updated this page last. A lot has happened in that time, and yet nothing at all as well.

Upon following up with the various employment offices, I’ve been told all of the October positions have been filled pending physicals and all that. I may still be offered an alternate spot, but it’s highly unlikely.

Therefore, I am trying to place myself best to take work starting in February for the winter season.

I have NO idea how to do that.



Erica and I are still gung-ho about moving to Antarctica together.

We want a reset.

We want to be away from the rest of the world.

We want to test ourselves, our limits, and our mental capacity (go T3!).

We want something different for our lives than the standard American Dream.

We want adventure.

We want stories to tell.

We want that “wow” factor in our lives.

We want to be away from mundane homeowner responsibilities like mowing the grass (Okay, that one’s more me than Erica….)

Now replace all the “want”s with “need”.

I am still trying to move to Antarctica. It’s a life goal. Everything I do is with this in mind.

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