…What if?

Two weeks? Sure! I can leave in two weeks!!

Early this February I had a recruiter ask me, “hypothetically, could you be ready to leave in two weeks? We’re still in need of another…” I enthusiastically said yes. Then, I spent the next few days purchasing everything I might possibly need for a stint on the ice just in case that hypothetical situation turned into a real situation. It didn’t. However I still have all my items ready and identified. Erica and I discussed it, and she’s about to go get her items together too.

I could do all of these pretty quickly or have my mother take care of some of them. So… two weeks? Easy. I could manage to leave with 2 days notice as long as I had enough cash on hand to buy my extra toiletries.

I’ve written a similar list previously, but life is a little different now. Outside of physical packing I’d also need to:

  • Take/pass all PQ requirements as required by the USAP program and complete all paperwork
  • Set up Power-of-Attorney with my mother for while I’m away
  • Let my banks and billers know what is happening
    • Change car insurance plan to me being a non-driver temporarily
    • Cancel Netflix and all other reoccuring subscription services
    • Schedule payments to come out automatically for the time I’m gone
  • Talk to health insurance about changes and getting all needed prescriptions
  • Call doctors offices to set up appointments and get prescriptions
  • Find a foster home for my two cats
  • Consolidate my personal items to one space/storage unit and give keys to Mom
    • Storage for vehicle
    • Storage for camper
  • Quit my current job(s)
  • Put Google Fi service on hold/lowest plan and set up a Denver Google Voice number
  • Upload as much local music to my phone as possible and movies/TV shows to my external harddrive
  • Register to vote from afar
  • Purchase ChromeBook replacement screen and install quickly
    • Set up to work offline
  • Call my hair stylist and get my hair colored to something that will grow out okay!
  • Test Kindle and other devices offline

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