The Everlasting Itch for Things Remote

It’s been a year!

As the first year of my Antarctica job search comes to a close I have to look back with hope. Not many people get a job the first year they apply and I think I didn’t do too bad for the first try. While I didn’t land an interview, I spoke on the phone with a few HR reps and hiring managers (which is more than many can say) and I did all of the research one can do to fully prepare. I’ve even bought almost all the supplies I could need minus last minute toiletries so there won’t be any surprise expenses should I be offered a position.

I’ve also switched up my college education a bit. I was already going back to school in Software Engineering Technology but because I have a bachelor’s already I don’t have to take the normal electives (eg English Composition 1) so I’ve begun filling those empty spots with certification courses. When I finish my SET degree I could also have certifications in:

  • Public Safety Telecommunications
  • Emergency Medical Treatment Technician Basics
  • Disaster Response Management
  • Group Fitness Instruction (also including Aquatic Fitness, Yoga, and Pilates)
  • Fire Services

Any of those could help me on the ice. Previously, I have worked in:

  • dormitory operations
  • the operation and safety inspection of amusement park rides
  • private police security
  • technical theatre lighting and sound
  • safety officer at a gun range
  • as a server for both private events and public restaurants
  • special services for Home Depot construction desk

I also spent half a year training with the Army ROTC in leadership and survival skills and lived in Ireland for another half a year as a marketing intern for the Department of Government. My experience is varied and this is important for a land where personnel is limited.

Between all of the above I think I’m well-positioned for an entry-level Antarctica position.


Here’s to year two of trying! Onward!

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