Certificates and Training

Overkill? Maybe. But I have the free electives, so why not?

Cincinnati State offers some courses and informational programs that align to the needs one might have on an Antarctic base. Therefore, over the next few months I will be studying to receive:

  • Hazards Incident Command (March 2017)
  • HAZWOPER (HAZMAT) Technician Level & Occasional Site Worker (March 2017)
  • Hazmat Rescue and Safety (March 2017)

If I have the time, I could also go for:

  • Certification in Public Safety Telecommunications
    • Public Safety Telecommunicator
    • Emergency Medical Dispatcher
  • CPR and First Aide for the Medical Professional
  • Group Fitness Instructor Certificate
  • NIMS FEMA Training
  • EMT Certificate and Fire Service Certificate

UPDATE: I didn’t complete anything after the HAZMAT certs because I ended up on the ice before I could get around to them! However, next northern summer when I’m home I could check out a few of them!

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