An Update and a New Book!

When I last spoke to a recruiter at Gana-A’Yoo she informed me that the new job listings would be posted 01 January 2017 at just after midnight. Thus, while my friends cheered on the New Year and banged on pots and pans in my living room, I was sitting on the hearth refreshing the page so I could submit my resume to the open positions. I was supposed to be at work at Bar Louie (in which case I would have snuck into the back to do the same) but had been sent home sick.

This year, I applied for (in order of preference):

  • Lodging Coordinator, Assistant – this is my first choice because I feel I’m qualified for it, it would allow me to socialize with many residents on base, and I’d get to know McMurdo super well.
  • Recreation Supervisor – managing the recreation program design, equipment selection, and procurement… this position just seems to fit me. I spent most of my childhood finding ways to entertain hoards of children and now I spend my adult days entertaining hoards of adults at Dystopia Rising. It does, however, request Antarctica experience… but does not require it!
  • Rooms Coordinator – I qualify 100% for this position and would definitely enjoy it but it does state that previous Antarctica experience is preferred
  • Administrative Coordinator, Sr. – Responsible for administrative support to McMurdo Food Services. Performs administrative assistant functions; maintains Departmental files and correspondence, departmental POC for Personnel and Document control; handles confidential materials
  • Administrative Coordinator/Kitchen Clerk – See, the cool thing about this position and most of the ones listed above this one are that they would not be seen as a “downgrade” on my resume in the future. This position specifically is a winter only position which is fantastic considering winter is when I really want to go anyways.
  • Postal Clerk – Would be a neat position allowing me to meet many different people but during the winter its responsibilities are roped into another position for which I do not qualify.
  • Retail Supervisor (South Pole) – Position covers retail store and mail, I qualify for this position with my retail experience and it does not list Antarctica experience as necessary!
  • Retail Clerk (McMurdo) – See: above
  • Food Clerk – basically in charge of the food supplies and inventory duties. I could do that.
  • Dining Attendant, Lead OR Food Service Steward- I‘m not sure the exact difference between a steward and a dining attendant but it’s another kitchen lead position A dining attendant watches the buffet clean, assists the cooks with prep as needed, restocks the floor, cleans the galley, and washes dishes. A steward does all of that but also rotates into the janitor schedule. Mundane work for sure, but easy enough and camaraderie among the team would make it fine.
  • Steward Supervisor – basically management over the dining attendants and stewards, I do qualify for all the requirements of this position
  •  Beverage Supervisor – I like this position (basically bar manager). I have a ton of food industry experience and management experience but I don’t have a ton of food industry management experience so there would definitely be a learning curve at first. The biggest caveat here is you’re always on duty if the bar is open so you don’t get to enjoy it yourself.
  • Prep Cook – It’s working in a kitchen. I haven’t done it before but I could do it.
  • Janitor, Lead – I mean, do I prefer to clean toilets all day? No. But I truly don’t mind the prospect of cleaning all day. Hell, I already was considering coming into Bar Louie on my off day just to clean. I am not overly qualified for this position but I could do it.
  • Janitorial Steward – this another one that is listed for summer and/or winter which is super lovely. I’d love close to a full year contract.

I wish I could revoke my applications for

  • Baker, Production – I would love to be a baker and it’s all just chemistry so I could figure it out with training but I don’t really qualify
  • Janitor, Supervisor but I’m even LESS qualified for that position
  • Food Service Supervisor – I didn’t read the requirements properly and I don’t qualify (need 7 years cooking experience and I don’t have a single one)

I also went onto Best Recycling’s website and reapplied for all three of their positions:

  • Recycling Technician – picking up and processing all the trash on base
  • Recycling Coordinator – heavy equipment operation
  • Hazardous Waste Technician – requires two years of waste management experience which I do not have but I do have my HAZMAT/HAZWOPER certs so that’s a plus

Leidos and PAE have not yet posted their positions for the next season. I will continue to check their websites daily. The other employers don’t hire much that I would qualify for.

Now, what’s this about a book?

My Amazon Prime / Kindle membership provides me each month with a listing of 4-6 pre-release books from which I get to choose a free copy. Usually the books aren’t exactly my cup of tea but I always choose one to store away to read on vacation sometime or such. Imagine my surprise when I open the email this month to see The WInter Over by Matthew Iden.


I thought it might be too good to be true – an Antarctica book? The same day my spirits are renewed and I apply again? What?! But alas, it was legitimately a book about wintering over in Antarctica. Granted, it’s definitely a piece of fiction as the book is about Shackleton South Pole Research Facility – AKA a station that does not exist.

Each winter the crew at the Shackleton South Pole Research Facility faces nine months of isolation, round-the-clock darkness, and one of the most extreme climates on the planet. For thirty-something mechanical engineer Cass Jennings, Antarctica offers an opportunity to finally escape the guilt of her troubled past and to rebuild her life.

But the death of a colleague triggers a series of mysterious incidents that push Cass and the rest of the forty-four-person crew to the limits of their sanity and endurance. Confined and cut off from the outside world, will they work together or turn against one another? As the tension escalates, Cass must find the strength to survive not only a punishing landscape but also an unrelenting menace determined to destroy the station—and everyone in it.

I’m excited to read it nonetheless because the digital book jacket does say that the author spent time in Antarctica. Here’s a link to check it out on Amazon.

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