Friends on Ice!

Woo hoo!

Erica and I have been talking about Antarctica to so many of our friends that we’ve convinced a few of them to apply with us!!!

So far I know that at least five of my friends have all applied with PAE, Best, and GSC. We have a few other friends talking about it but none that I know have that’ve actually gone through the motions. We could have our own posse in Antarctica!

We all have discussed that there will be no hard feelings if 1 or some of us get positions but not all of us do. We’ll all just live vicariously through each other! Also, I have been cautioned by the lovelies on the Reddit forums not to mention I have friends applying on my applications until after I’ve secured a position; if hiring managers think I might back out if my friend doesn’t get a job they may be wary to hire me. Luckily, that’s not the case with me (or any of the people above) but I could see why some would think that way.

…Is posse a word anyone still uses?


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