A New Addiction: LUSH Cosmetics

So I want to start hiking more than I currently do, which means thinking about what products would be better to have than the ones I currently carry. I’d heard LUSH makes some great stuff so I decided to swing in there.

LUSH Cosmetics are a God-Send

Coincidentally (or not) the items that LUSH carries will also be fantastic to pack for Antarctica. In fact, I completely redid my Antarctica packing list with LUSH cosmetics after my visit to the store. Why? I can replace most of my toiletries with solid bars. You know, as in things that WON’T SPILL in a suitcase, aren’t liquids so they can go in my carry-on without worry, and are more lightweight in most cases than their competitors so I save on that (although USAP did increase the weight limit a little for this season!).

I’ll be bringing all of the following in a SOLID form

  •  Toothy Tabs – Miles of Smiles, Oral Pleasure, and Bling
    • They’re toothpaste in a solid form. It looks like a small mint you chew between your teeth before inserting a wet toothbrush
  • Mouthwash Tabs – Crème de Menthe and Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster
    • Like the Toothy Tabs, except in mouthwash form! Who would have ever thought I could find solid mouthwash!
  • Body Wash/Soap – Respect Your Elders, Sea Vegetable, and Sultana of Soap
    • The clerk told me one chunk “this” size (sorry, didn’t take a photo) will last her 2 months so I’m going to get three chunks “that” size
  • Face Wash – Coalface or that other one whose name I can’t remember
    • Coalface is a black bar of soap/coal to use on your face
    • The “other” is pale pink
  • Body Moisturizers – Peace
    • They melt at body temperature.
    • Note: the Wiccy Magic bar is banned in NZ because they don’t like the beans used in it.
  • Face Serum – Full of Grace
    • It’s the same as the body bars, but meant for your face
  • Deodorant – Aromaco
    • It’s bar and a hippy patchouli scent but hey, it’s a solid! They have one called T’eo that smells nice but it’s more powdery and I’m worried about durability
    • Note: it dries out SUPER fast in Antarctica so I’ve mostly given up on it.
  • Powders – The Guv’ner, No Drought, and Silky Underwear
    • Powder deodorants for all my body’s nooks and crannies and hair (No Drought is a dry shampoo)… also helps with chafing
  • Shampoo – Smuggler’s Soul and Copperhead
    • Solid shampoo bars! Each one will last for 80 washes which means I in no way need two of them but I will bring two anyway so I can mix it up. Or in case I squash one.
  • Conditioner – Jungle and Sugar Daddy-O
    • See blurb for shampoo.
  • Perfume – Smuggler’s Soul, All Good Things, Sikkim Girls
    • Yes! Even solid perfume! It comes in like a lipbalm tin and you rub in anywhere you would have sprayed a perfume
  • Lip Balm – Rose Lollipop and Honey Trap
    • Of course these are solids but I wanted to list them all the same. LUSH has lip scrubs too but Stacy (my sister) already made me a huge locking-lid jar of lip scrub that will last me the next 2 years

Other – None of the below are true solids but I fell in love with them at LUSH all the same

  • Ultrabalm
    • It’s a multi-purpose balm that can be used about anywhere on the body for chafing or moisture
  • Ultrabland
    • A cream makeup-remover
  • H’Suan Wen Hua
    • Hair mask/treatment
  • Ambrosia
    • Shaving cream!
    • Various scents.

Many of LUSH’s products I list above are sold without any packaging to keep them safe so I’m also buying 10 square metal tins and 5 ellipse metal tins from them to keep all the bars safe in my suitcase and toiletry caddy. I’ve never spoiled my skin/body this much before but in a dessert in the middle of an isolated area I think it’ll be nice to have a break from mundane. They also have bath bombs but for the shower… I don’t want to have TOO many “Hollywood” showers but I might bring a handful 😀


Hopefully me posting this list will help other Antarctica hopefuls save some weight and potential-spillage in their own luggage!


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