Everything moves slow when it comes to hiring in Antarctica. At least, that’s what I’ve been told. One of the recruiters once told me they receive about 30,000 applications each year but there’s only a few hundred open positions each year. I don’t know the accuracy of those numbers but it’s still outstanding. Makes sense then why most blogs I’ve read said it took them a few years of applying. I started applying late fall 2015 so I’m at my second summer season of applications.

Last year I applied for a crapshoot of positions… over 40 of them. This year I’m looking at fewer.  For a handful of positions I’ve already received rejection letters. This isn’t surprising because it’s all positions I barely cover requirements for or that I was stretching a little to get. More positions I haven’t heard anything from. But, for a select few, Gana-A’Yoo has sent me emails letting me know that I qualify and the expected pay rates and hours, etc. and asked for a reply if still interested. Of course I responded hell yes (not verbatim) to each of those.

I applied across Gana-A-‘Yoo, Best Recycling, PAE, and GHG Corp. As of 22 January 2017 my statuses with each are:


  • Administrative Coordinator (Senior)
  • Lodging Coordinator, Assistant
  • Retail Clerk
  • Food Clerk
  • Steward Supervisor
  • Steward – Janitorial
  • Steward – Food Services
  • Dining Attendant – Lead

No Word:

  • Recycling Technician
  • Recycling Coordinator
  • Hazardous Waste Technician
  • Postal Clerk
  • Janitor, Lead
  • Janitorial Supervisor
  • Administrative Coordinator/Kitchen Clerk
  • Rooms Coordinator
  • Work Order Scheduler
  • Carpenter Apprentice
  • Service Writer
  • Air Transportation Apprentice
  • Communications Operator
  • Antenna Rigger – Jr.


  • Beverage Supervisor
  • Recreation Supervisor
  • Prep Cook
  • Food Service Supervisor
  • Baker, Production

Erica has a received an (albeit smaller) pile of qualified letters and even Steven and Chad have received some too. So that’s super exciting.

We follow the Reddit for Antarctica and drive them all nuts with hypothetical questions from my account all the time but I have seen that a few people on there are getting the qualified letters as well.  Everyone says not to get excited until you’ve received your PQ but I don’t care. This is farther than I got last year and I’m excited anyways! 😀


post image source is Halley Research Station (UK) since they’ll be shutting down to the winter and EVERY one of my friends keeps posting articles about it to my Facebook wall

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