Ramblings of a Flu-Ridden Lass

I have the flu. The Tamiflu is kicking in but I can’t go to work yet so stalking more Antarctica blogs is how I’m spending my day…

Fernando had his shampoo and such mailed there. LUSH can ship directly to APO locations now which is awesome. SOME Amazon sellers will but not all. It will tell you when you go to check out.

Start-up costs for Antarctica trip:

  • Two pairs sunglasses ($45)
  • Toiletries (depends on how much I want to spoil myself)
  • Calling Card ($20)
  • Budget for airport food and NZ ($200)
  • Bedding ($22)

Notes I took from reading Fernando’s Blog:

  • McMurdo Station is on an island so most people don’t ever actually set foot on the mainland.
  • Make sure hats and gloves are windproof and ditto with my fleece/mid-layers if possible. (I ended up buying a windproof hat liner and buff from REI and I love them both)
  • Don’t need to bring hand warmers as there are free boxes of them on station.
  • Buy a sleeve for my Nalgenes
  • Bring a few photos to hang on the dorm walls
  • Mail a box of snacks to myself
  • I should get everyone’s addresses before I leave so I can send gifts!
  • Maybe I will get my own gloves instead of relying on those issued…He has
    • base layer by SmartWool
    • Swix everyday gloves (almost windproof)
    • Black Diamond field gloves

The following bits I knew but I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned on here:

There are three different “seasons” so to say of work. There’s:

  • Winfly – August and September
    • These people kind of reopen up the base and get it ready for the summer influx
  • Summer/Mainbody – October to February
    • The most people on base
    • Sun never sets
    • December/January are the warmest months, temps up to 50 degrees F
  • Winterover – March to August
    • Sun never rises
    • Lowest population
    • T3 season
    • Auroras!

McMurdo, Palmer, and South Pole aren’t the only places Americans work/live in Antarctica. There are other destinations too such as:

  • Dry Valley camps (an hour by helicopter)
  • Deep field camps (800+ miles out)
  • WAIS
  • PIG
  • Marble Point (helo fueling station)
  • Lake Hoare
  • Lake Bonney
  • Lake Fryzell
  • Black Island
  • Lower Erebus Hut (near the top of the volcano)
  • Cape Bird
  • Cape Royds
  • Cape Crozier
  • SLW (Sub-Glacial Lake Whillans, deep-field camp, WISSARD Project)
  • Cones (on Mt. Erebus)


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