Hope in Another Direction

Unfortunately I did not land the carpentry job. From what I was told, a previous employee ended up coming back.

The interview started with her asking me about my experience and going through my submitted resume. In case you’re curious, you can check out my resume here.

I explained to her my relevant experience and in the next interview they would have started asking me more about what materials and tools I can use. I’m bad at names so that part would be fun. “Um, I used that whirly doop thing that makes holes easy” “You mean a drill press?” “Yeah, that!!’

Per the interviewer, this year they will have about 7 apprentices. They are still waiting on some projects being approved. They don’t know if they will have more or less for next season. They are working on some sub-flooring, general maintenance, some stuff out at fuels including more flooring. They should know in the next few months what should be happening next year.

She gave me the hiring manager’s name. The next step in the process would be him reaching out to me via email and setting up a time to chat. He’d go into details about tasking and technical skills then. She mentioned that he did just get off ice so it may be a while before I hear from him.

In the meantime, I have lost my 9-5 job. Due to budget cuts and a whole bunch of other mumbo jumbo a large group of us were let go. I’m on unemployment at the moment, working part-time at Bar Louie, and searching for my new career.

With weirdly coincidental timing (as it always is with these things) as I’m hitting submit on my application for unemployment compensation my phone rings. It’s a hiring manager from Gana-A’Yoo and he wants to interview me. Woo hoo!

The main positions he’s in charge of are all full but he wants to interview me as an alternate. He covers recreation, retail, and post-office. None of these are high physical labor jobs so that’s a plus over the carpentry position for sure. They’re also all for the most part indoors which will help ease my mother’s concerns.

As you all know by now, my primary desire is to go to McMurdo Station my first year BUT the hiring manager covers all three US bases so I’d be in the running for three departments at three different bases.

Plan A would be for the interview to go super well (it’s Monday) and for him to offer me an alternate spot. I’d then immediately complete my PQ. I could then call all the other employers/hiring managers and let them know I’m PQ’d in case they are still hiring/also looking for alternates.

Note on alternates: many of the blogs I see and people that talk about living in Antarctica state they got their job after being offered an alternate contact. Apparently there’s a decent chunk of people that accept positions on the Ice and then never make it down for one reason or another (failed PQ, life changes, etc.). It would suck to know that in achieving my dream it’s dashing someone else’s’ that thought they were getting to go but… eh, I’m a dark enough soul that I’m okay with it.

Being an alternate also might mean that I would get a phone call extremely last minute but hey, as previously discussed, I can be ready in about a week if need-be.

Plan A:

  • Land alternate position
  • Pass PQ
  • Get offered a job on the Ice
  • Move out of my apartment and into my mom’s place (aka save money and help her around the house)
  • Stay on unemployment and just work my Ren Faires and Bar Louie all summer
  • Send Pickle (my cat) to live with Stephen while I’m gone
  • Deploy to Antarctica

Plan B:

  • Find a “real” stateside job
  • Continue to live in my tiny apartment
  • Keep trying to move to Antarctica

Woo hoo!

I’ll let you know how Monday goes. Until then, I’m off. I want to review all my notes and lists.


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