One Midnight Gone!

Or I suppose, one interview done. But, I have the soundtrack from Into the Woods stuck in my head soooooo.


I just finished my phone interview with a hiring manager. I shamelessly (okay, with a little shame) plugged this website during the interview and he said he was going to check it out. I doubt he actually will but if so, HI THERE. You’re joining the ranks of my other two viewers – one who shows up on my visitors map all the time but I have no idea who it is…and my mom.

I promised my two (maybe now three?!) readers that I would update this after the interview.

I think it went well. Of course, I said that after PAE too so who really knows. He spent much of the interview giving me reasons NOT to want to go.

  • You must work about 56 hour a week, minimum
  • Usually the hours you work are the hours everyone else is out playing and off work
  • We have a weekly safety meeting which includes stretching (to be honest I wasn’t really sure why that’s on the bad things list)
  • Cuts and bruises just don’t heal well
  • The first few weeks as your body adjusts you’ll feel like shit
  • You’re going to share a tiny bedroom with 1-3 roommates

And so on and so forth. However, nothing he said to deter me was anything other than what I had heard before. I’ve already mentally prepared myself to work through all of that with my life as is.

He also mentioned the honeymoon phase. How during the first few weeks there everything is exciting, “Ahhh yay! I’m eating macaroni… in Antarctica!!!” etc. and ways to combat the feeling of gloom that follows the day that goes away.

I had that honeymoon period when I was in Ireland. About a month in I found myself thinking negatively about the rain and gloomy weather. That’s when I joined the kayaking club and the archery club and the juggling club. I found new activities that pumped the happy chemicals into my brain another way than just “being” and it worked. Which is the answer I gave the interviewer today.

….Now for the exciting part….

I have ANOTHER interview scheduled with a different department. Woo hoo!

The manager of the culinary department emailed me this morning to state he’d like to interview me too!

In a moment of comic relief, apparently the two managers were together during my interview with the first. #1 turned to ask #2 a question about where the drug screens happen. I mentioned that I have an interview with #2 in 2.5 hours and #1 was like “oh &$^@#! I have to make my decision quickly then!” (definitely not verbatim).

I’ll be working Bar Louie tonight when the second interview happens so I won’t be able to update you right away. Might be a few days up to a week before my next update… I have some fun hiking plans this week and it’s my birthday weekend so hopefully I come up with something neat to do.

If you’re reading this and am too impatient to know what happens next well, mom, call me after you get off work. To the managers, call me or email me any time. Random guy (or gal) who shows up on the map all the time…well… you [probably] don’t have a way to contact me so revel in the suspension!


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  1. Well hello! I must be your random viewer. Came here from a link posted to the Antarctica subreddit a while back and rotate through on my regular blog browsings now and again. I find peoples’ commentaries on this application process fascinating.


  2. Yes, as a stewie. I’m heading back this year too. If you have any questions feel free to email me, I think you have access to my email address through my comments?


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