A Quick Episode of Cribs!

What is the housing like in Antarctica?

Channelling my inner Chailsea for a moment, here’s a quick tour of my living quarters.

I live in Building 155. It’s the main hub of base and includes the mess hall, station store, many different offices, etc.

It’s also where all the n00bs live with the lowest seniority. The bedrooms, instead of having one roommate, all have 4 beds. They also have communal showers.

Note: I was later moved to a different building so if my rooms look a little different later, you know why!

From what I hear other buildings range from having the same to having 2-person rooms with communal showers to having “suites” with bathrooms that are only shared by a few.

You’re allowed to request specific roommates although I did not. If you come down with a significant other or the like you’re guaranteed a 2-person room for the two of you to share.

Without further ado, here are some pictures:


And of course, the bathrooms:

The laundry facilities:


I’ll have more pics later I’m certain but for now that’s about it. I need to go grab breakfast and get changed for work.

Oh! By the way, I’ll eventually post these photos and more on my flickr page!

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