I’m Still Drooling Thinking about Midwinter

The marking of Midwinter is a big deal in Antarctica. Before they began doing flights year-round in 2016, from April to August there were no new faces on station, no mail, no fresh fruits and vegetables. Cool Antarctica has a whole piece on it here if you’d like to read up on more.

All the other stations send us a virtual postcard, we send them one back, etc. It’s a neat time of celebration.

What’s the Food Like in Antarctica?

For Midwinter at McMurdo Station the galley went all out. They cooked everyone on station (and those from the New Zealand station!) an amazing Midwinter Dinner. Here’s the menu (and, of course, some photos!)

Avocado RosesAranchini and RollatiniBruschettaAioliCheese StrawsEggplant RollatiniCrudite PlatterFruitZucchini CupsPickled Shrimp CocktailLiquor

— Avocado Roses
— Bacon Bleu Cheese Arancini
— Jalapeno Cheddar Arancini
— Feta & Mushroom Arancini
— Eggplant Rollatini
— Paprika, Lime Cilantro, and Red Pepper Aiolis
— Bruschetta
— Parmesan and Cheddar Cheese Straws
— Crudite Platter
— Fresh mangoes, apples, and New Zealand pears
— Pickled Shrimp Cocktail
— Open bar
— Zucchini Cups

Hotline (2)Hotline (3)Hotline

Hot Line:
— Bacon Brussel Sprouts
— Oven Roasted Root Vegetable Medley
— Roasted Buttercup and Butternut Squash
— Fresh Smashed Potatoes
— Rice Pilaf
— Homemade Cranberry Stuffing
— Artichoke Stuffed Portabellas
— Asparagus with Holandaise

Proteins (1)Proteins (5)Proteins (2)

Protein Station:
— Black Pepper Seared Filet
— Roasted Lobster
— Crab Legs
— Clarified Butter
— Fresh Mushroom Sauce
— Blue Cheese Sauce
— Hand Crushed Black Pepper Bourbon
— Horseradish Cream


— Kale Caesar Salad
— Buffalo Chicken Dip
— Spinach and Artichoke Dip
— Three Bean Dip
— Warm Tortilla Chips and Pita Bread
— Rolls
— Herb Butter, Honey Butter, and Roasted Garlic Butter

Aurora CakeChocolate BouchonTrufflesSt HonoreDecorations 2

— Lemon “Aurora” Cake
— Flourless Chocolate Bouchon
— Frozen Prosecco Gelee
— Assorted Truffles
— St. Honore
— White Chocolate Fountain
— Cream Puffs
— Angel Food Cake
— Pineapple Slices

…I think I got everything xD

A crew of volunteers came together to make the place look, well, not like the same drab dining hall we eat in every day. They rearranged tables, laid out place settings, and of course covered the place with decorations. This year (I’ve been told it’s different every year) they went with a space theme so we had planets on each table, starts on the windows, and more. It was super neat.


Not pictured below is Karen who worked the morning shift and went home to change and such before dinner… but otherwise, here are the awesome galley crew that put the whole thing together:

2017-06-24 16.44.32.jpg

After the dinner most people headed over to the only (currently) open bar on station, Gallagher’s and danced the night away. A few awesome folks threw down a huge tab at the start of the night so most had free drinks for the evening. I….definitely… had my share ;D


post image mine

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