This will be a quick post because it’s 1:14am and I work the 6a shift in the galley meaning at most I’m getting 4 hours of sleep.

had to stay up late because Enter Shikari released a new single last night (at 4:30a… yes, I was up to hear it play live on BBC radio) and today they released the music video but time zones mean this chick had to compromise some sleep in order to watch it. You can take a peak at it at THIS LINK. I love that this band dabbles in so many genres… this song is definitely outside of their bell curve! 🔻🔻🔻 Of course, a little after releasing the video they also announced pre-orders for their new album so I had to go pre-order the signed vinyl in mint…. and you know… that brought me to (what is now) 1:26am.

Anyways…Earlier tonight I went on a hike.

And there were seals!

Today was good weather. It was only 20 below in Fahrenheit with virtually NO wind (less than 5 knots) with not a cloud in the sky. That’s like unheard-of weather. I chose a quick hike out to Hut Point because it’s one of a few you’re allowed to do alone. In hindsight, I should have kicked it up Observation Hill or Mt. Erebus Overlook because apparently there were auroras tonight but you need a partner for those and I was of short supply.

My standard hiking gear


  • Leather backpack with a replacement caribiner that I can operate with mittens on
  • Headlamp, because there’s no sunlight
  • Small video camera
  • Handwarmers
  • Ice treads (those pale green wirey things) for my
  • Snow boots
  • Sports bra and tank top, non-cotton
  • Thermal base layer
  • Merino wool layer
  • KUHL super fuzzy jacket
  • Goggles
  • Waterbottle with neoprene sleeve
  • DSLR with extra batteries and SD cards
  • Silk sock liners
  • Supa-thick socks
  • Windproof buff layered under a knit and fleece neck warmer
  • Polar windproof hat liner layed under a knit and fleece hat
  • Thermal bottoms under a pair of REI fleece pants
  • Gear-issued ECW jacket and bib overalls
  • Work gloves (ended up not really useful this trip)
  • Liner gloves for when I need to operate my camera
  • Super warm mittens

Someday I’ll open these photos and (the 30 others I took) in a photo editing program and really play with them but today is not that day. Neither is tomorrow.

Note: it was like 8-9pm with black skies and only SUPER BRIGHT moonlight…. most of these photos were taken with 15-30 sec exposures, hence the appearance of lighter skies.

2017-08-01 09.25.572017-08-01 09.28.412017-08-01 09.57.182017-08-01 09.55.462017-08-01 09.49.552017-08-01 09.35.482017-08-01 09.34.372017-08-01 09.31.13

(all images including post image mine)

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