The Frozen Fourth

The Fourth of July Parade in Antarctica

Independence Day celebrations at McMurdo Station included the world’s most southernmost parade!

note: we have no idea if Amhudsen-Scott Station, aka the South Pole had a parade, but our bets are on “no”

You can see a video of it on YouTube, here!

The next Saturday, the 8th, we had a festival of sorts to celebrate.

Festivities included carnival games galore. I got roped into creating a “laser” maze for folks to climb through:


Someday I will add more photos to this post and tell you all about the Human Jenga….. but today is not that day. I just needed to go ahead and hit post on this so it would leave my queue…. it’s only 2-3 months late!


(photos taken by me and a selection of photographers currently at McMurdo)

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