Orion’s Right-Side Up Again

12 October 2017

Since I arrived at McMurdo Station 132 days ago, this place has captured my heart. Everything about this place just feels like home.

The wind permeating every nook and crevice calls to me. The crisp winter air stealing my breath also steals my heart. The people I’ve met have wormed their way into bits of my soul.

Tomorrow is the half-way point of my contract. As of tomorrow I will have been at McMurdo for 133 days and will have 133 days left. But, unfortunately, my time on the ice is done.

I’m going home early.

Sunday morning my boss’s boss pulled me into the office. “We are sending you home” he said. “We’re simply ending your contract early” for “a lot of little reasons.”

It felt like someone was ripping my heart out. Losing a job in Antarctica isn’t just losing your job; it’s losing your home. It’s losing my friends, my budding romances, my life plans… I’ve never felt so much like the floor was dropping out below me.

I didn’t really tell anyone back home – just really the “need to know” people. My mom. My friend Erica so she can pick me up from the airport. My soulmate-BFF Chailsea. That’s about it. The rest can just be surprised when I show up at their house to hang out.

The good news: he’s simply ending my contract early, I’m not technically being fired. This means I’m eligible for rehire in another department – anywhere that has an opening.

I’m determined. I will make it back to McMurdo. I don’t know when or where I’ll pop up again here… but I will. I’ve already updated my resume and reapplied to positions within the companies on the ASC contract.

In the meantime I’m going to explore other options. I don’t just want to sit on my ass and watch the world go by. Plus I have bills and such to pay.

Maybe I’ll hop on a renaissance faire circuit somehow and bounce around the US.

Maybe I’ll finish out my software degree, get a work from computer job, and go be an au pair in Spain.

Maybe I’ll get a working visa in New Zealand or Australia.

Maybe I’ll head to the Philippines with Chailsea and open a Tanzanian coffee shop.

Maybe I’ll find a marketing job that involves travel.

Maybe I’ll just chill in Cincinnati, get my job back at the bar, and hang out for a while.

All I know right now is that in a couple days (I’m taking a day in New Zealand to get my bearings before heading home) that Orio will be right-side up again…. way sooner than I ever expected.

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