SO, What’s the Next Adventure?

The difference between a cow and a bean is a bean can begin an adventure. - Stephen Sondheim

Originally this was a Facebook status I made. Enjoy.

What comes next?

People keep asking me what comes next for me. There’s a big problem with that question. For what feels like the first time in my life, I have no idea. That alone is causing me a lot of stress.

I want to travel the world.

More than anything I want to travel and see the world. I do not mean going on a-week-or-two vacation once or twice a year. I mean I want to spend a month at a time somewhere, soaking in the culture. I want to experience cultural celebrations all over the world in their origins. That’s a big draw for me to make:

I could try to go back to Antarctica…

PLAN A going back to Antarctica next February or, more likely, October 2018. Employment in Antarctica is on a contract-basis and each year one must leave and come back. Most spend that time traveling before returning to the continent. Because of the super-low cost of living in Antarctica this option also means that I can pay off my debts and build a nice savings account to support even more traveling. It’s seriously the best life I could imagine living.

My contract ended before I met the hiring managers (they literally flew in on the flight on which I left) and thus I didn’t secure a contract for next season. I sent a handful of emails earlier this week and I’ll be applying again January 1st. Hopefully having a winter under my belt already helps here but I have no idea if that’s going to work out in my favor or not. Because this is a huge uncertainty, I don’t want to put all my eggs in that basket. I need to head another direction in the meantime.

I could take a work-from-home job…

PLAN B is simply finding a job I can do from anywhere. This means finding something I can work from a laptop as I travel. Bonus points if it offers the ability to go into the office on occasion if I chose. Thus, I could stay home or I could spend a few months here or there visiting friends and destinations. However, if I choose this option my cost of living will rise a little bit as I’d have to begin covering new expenses. These are the types of positions on which I’ve been focusing for the past month. I don’t have any major leads just yet. The ones I’ve interviewed for are not offering salaries quite high enough.

I could go back to an office…

PLAN C is to head back to the “real” corporate world. If I find a position that offers a high-enough salary to override the desire to go on major traveling in the next year, I’ll take it. It would have to be something that would make it almost impossible for me not to both pay off all of my bills and create a huge savings account. With this option I would pay everything off and then save up enough so that in a year or two I can then accept the jobs from plan B or plan A or plan D.

I could become an ex-pat…

PLAN D is to find a job in another country. This would be something like working for the Edelweiss Resort in the Swiss Alps or simply obtaining a US working visa in New Zealand or Australia. I could also take up a role being an Au Pair in south Spain. The biggest problem with each of these is simply pay rate. I need to be able to continue paying for my car, etc unless I just sold it all before leaving. Right now Plan D isn’t an option until either Plan A or Plan C come to fruition.

I could become a full-time Rennie…

In the background of all of this are plans E and F. I absolutely love working for the Ohio Renaissance Festival. Plan E would be to jump onto the renaissance festival circuit for next year. I have a tentative offer on the table and have no doubt that even if that one didn’t pan out I could find another. But this work is only 2-days a week. Because I do already have a new car and expensive insurance, etc. I would need a supplemental income in order to sustain myself. That means finding that Plan B to go with Plan E. Plan F is also renaissance festival related as my employer for ORF has offered me to come out to her workshop in Utah and learn to sew and work for her. That’s a decent option too but one that needs a lot of thought before I pack up and move alone to Utah.


Why can’t decisions be easy?

In the meantime, I hate sitting on my butt all day! I am offered unemployment from both the USAP program and from my previous employer, Sogeti. The amount I’m being paid does cover all my minimum expenses and I can keep it until March or so which is super great. However, the jobs I’m being offered all pay LESS than I make per week on unemployment. I wish I could find somewhere to hire me on a cash-basis until I can figure everything else out. That’d be nice.

(image source and the quote is from Into the Woods)

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