How to Travel for Cheap

Scott’s Cheap Flights

Click Here to Save a Ton of Money Traveling

Click that link! Really! I can’t believe I haven’t told you about this awesome site yet! Note I get absolutely nothing out of making this post nor out of you clicking any links below… I just really love Scott’s Cheap Flights and want to make sure that everyone knows it exists.

What the heck is Scott’s Cheap Flights?

This fellow created a system to scan airline websites and create an alert when flight prices were significantly lower than normal or when mistake fares were posted. He then has humans verify that it is a great deal and emails his subscribers.

From what I understand he’s been sued a few times too by airlines for telling people about low fares but has won all the lawsuits.

Current and past deals listed on the site

I paid $1100 last time I flew to Ireland. If I booked using one of his deals? I could have flown 3 people for the same price! There are 14 deals posted right now, here’s a handful:

Scott's Snag.PNG

I love that he doesn’t just post the flight – he tells you whether or not bags cost extra, what months qualify, and how long he expects that price to be available for!

Once the deals are no longer available, he marks them as expired too that way you don’t get your hopes up nor waste your time clicking through to try and purchase it.

Scott's Snag 2.PNG

Scott’s Cheap Flights gets no money for you booking the flight or not booking it. In fact, he has no idea whether you do or not. He just gives you the instructions on how to do it, where to find the flight deals, and useful links to get you there faster. His revenue all comes from the membership fees. Here’s the top half of a current listing (there are more details below all this not grabbed in my screenshot).

Scott's Snag 3

Have you actually used it?

Heck yes! My friend Samantha and I are actually today to Norway on a $350 round-trip flight we found using Scott’s cheap flights! This review should be all you need. $350? To Europe? Round-trip? Holy heck yes viking dreams. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of Norway posts coming soon!

Limited or Premium?

If you think you’ll want to book a trip somewhere, definitely get the premium membership. If you book even one flight using the site it pays for itself multiple times over. For my friends and family reading this – let me know if you want my password – I’ll give it to you so you can login and take a peek at the current deals listed. You can see on his website what the difference is.

Let me know if you book a deal on his site!


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