32 Successes Are Better Than None!

Monday Workout "Inspirational" Posters

(originally written August 2018 – I just forgot to post it!)

32 times. I’ve gone to the gym and completed a 45-minute intense circuit workout 32 times in the last two months.

I didn’t know that number until just a few seconds ago. I hadn’t been counting up to it or anything – but now I wish I had been.

Burn Boot Camp

I signed up for this gym called Burn Boot Camp when they were offering a grand-opening deal: the first 100 people to sign up would get a month free. I figured it would be lack-luster and that I’d quickly lose interest in going. Instead, that first month I went more often than I’ve ever attended ANY work-out program.

My  full (quite cheesy) review of the gym is below. Note that the gym was running a promotion that if you wrote a review you’d be entered in a raffle to win a bunch of goodies but that they specified even negative reviews would be entered!


Classes are held 6 days a week. I started out disappointed that they weren’t all 7 days – then quickly realized I was never goign to show up 7 days a week anyways. I made going 5 days a week my goal. My trainer told me she recommends 4 days a week to see results.

I was going pretty consistently – until two weeks ago. I only went on Tuesday the 17th. I didn’t show up the rest of the week. One of the many mantras you hear in the gym world is “Never Miss a Monday” and the internet is full of cheesy motivation posters about Mondays at the gym as you can see in my Google search below:

Monday Workout "Inspirational" Posters
All the monday workout crap on Google.

Do the same search for Tuesdays and there’s not nearly the same amount of neat inspiration posts about Tuesdays. When I failed to go to the gym for the rest of the week, I blamed it on my Monday missed class.

Yeah. That was it.

So you can bet your bottom-dollar that Monday the 23rd I was up and at-’em and back in the gym. It was tiring. It was more tiring than any of my sessions had been in a long time. I could not stop yawning… and I don’t mean like “I’m tired” yawning every now and again. I mean like “my body isn’t getting enough oxygen so it’s forcing me to yawn every other breath” yawning. Not good. I was miserable.

That misery helped motivate me to skip Tuesday. “I’ll just take this week easy”. Then I didn’t get enough sleep and “sleep is more important than the gym on Wednesday” then then then… soon I’d missed another week.

Two days in two weeks.

I berated myself over and over about it. I’m a failure. I knew this would happen. I knew I couldn’t keep myself going for more than a month or two.

But today, I went to the gym. A Monday. I didn’t miss it.

And tomorrow? Well, I make no promises, but I plan on going. But next week?

Well, I’ll be on vacation. At Pennsic. And everyone is telling me I don’t need to go to the gym while I’m an Pennsic because I’ll be doing plenty of walking through the day but… I know me. And even if I go 5 days this week, if I take nextweek off it’ll feel like almost a month without Burn Boot Camp. That’s how you plateau. That’s how you stop good habits from forming. I don’t want that.

I did two things:

First I looked up a location for Burn Boot Camp near Pennsic. There’s one about 30 minutes away. Add in 15 minutes for the walk to the parking lot and some time for a shower without a line and some time to stop on the way back to grab ice or something and we’re looking about a 3-hour excursion. I’m at Pennsic for a week. My goal will be to get my behind to BBC – Wexford, PA at least three times during that week. 9 hours out of my vacation can go towards my goals. That’s nothing.

Second I logged into my client portal and saw something neat: the number 32. I’ve been to 32 classes since I started Burn Boot Camp. That comes out to… get this, EVERY OTHER DAY. When I look back and feel bad about my stints of not going for days in a row here and days in a row there I haven’t been giving myself credit for all the days that I have been going in a row. Every other day? Fuck yeah. That’s 3-4 a week and that’s INLCUDING the weeks I only went once and the week I was at Scorched Nuts and couldn’t go.

I don’t feel nearly as bad when I see 32.

Maybe I should make an inspirational poster with that on it…

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