Antarctica Posts I Never Made

This was a list I made of posts I wanted to make…. but I never did! I may still someday, but if there’s something on this list you want to know about let me know and I shall bup that topic up the priority list!

  • Apathy, T3, and the Negative Feels That Form in Isolation
  • The Blood Falls of Antarctica
    • that, disappointingly, aren’t actually blood
  • Mt. Erebus and the Crystals
    • Antarctica is home to Mount Erebus – the southernmost active volcano in the world – as well as the only known ‘lava lakes’, which have held liquid magma for eons despite the continent’s frigid conditions.
  • Brinicles and how cool they are (and deadly)
  • The Dry Valleys in Antarctica which are the driest places on earth
  • Wind! And what’s it’s like being exposed to such harsh weather
  • There are 30 different countries that operate 80 research stations situated around the continent!
  • Flights and flight photos
  • How useful Reddit is
  • The new station updgrades coming soon
  • The research happening on station
  • Healthcare on Ice
  • Sports and recreational options and how to stay HR-friendly in your extracurriculars
  • Coffee and other things people want in care packages
  • What do people do during the off-season?
  • Being a Tourist

If there’s something NOT on this list but you still want to know, comment or contact me and I can add it.

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