SCA Resources – Camping Edition

There are many sites just full of links for members of the Society for Creative Anachronism; this is another one. I was tired of trying (and failing) to keep these all organized on my browser bookmarks. This way, too, I can add notes (that *cough* double as SEO text *cough*). I’m making a second page for garb, wardrobe, and lifestyle research. I was going to toss it all here but then I got all elaborate with descriptions and the page got too long.

If you happen to find a broken link below PLEASE let me know. I know how disheartening it is to find an amazing SCA links website with a title of a link that is absolutely perfect for your needs only to click on it and realize that the website hasn’t been updated since 1998 and the pages no longer exist because people have let their domains expire once they stopped playing because the SCA has been around for way longer than the internet and…. whew. Okay.

Note that I will definitely be adding to this page as I clean out more and more bookmarks from my computer.

Let’s get to the links:

Building Your Own Canvas Tent

I decided to build my own shade structures and these links I found useful:

  • Patches, Hems, and Seams” – Talks about the best ways to patch a ripped canvas tent, how to make seams, and how to hem a canvas tent
  • Tools of the Trade” from the same site, talks about which sewing machines, needles, thread, etc to use

Places to Buy Tents and Tent Accessories

  • Panther Primitives” is the most well-known tent-seller. For good reason. Their stuff is quality work. I’m not saying that other tent-makers aren’t great, but I can tell you that this last Pennsic there were just little details (just as how walls attach, etc) I saw in my friends’ Panthers that I didn’t see in some of the other brands. Note, this detailing doesn’t come free and Panthers are often more expensive than most. Post online and find someone that has signed up as an “authorized dealer” of them and get yourself their standard 10% off. If you don’t have a friend or barony member to toss the commission at, Medieval Fantasies sells them online too.
  • Tentsmiths” – I have a friend who swears by their tents, but the ownership changes constantly so quality may have changed (for better or for worse) over time and you may be out of luck warranty-wise if they sell again. Not to mention they can take a month to reply to emails.
  • Blockade Runner” is the only place I’ll buy 2″x4″ ridgepole sleeves anymore. They are half the price of other sites, come with the bolts, and ship quickly. I had three of them set-up for all of Pennsic with no issues whatsoever. Their website is a pain in the ass to navigate so I’ve linked to their Index/Catalog. Page 31 is their wall tents, wedge tents, and A-Frames (think: Viking tent). Page 32 has accessories such as rope loops, octagon tent poles, dining flys, and ground cloths. Page 33 contains tent complete set-up kits, mallets, ropes, tent stakes, the ridge sleeves I mentioned, and some other pretty neat camping accessories.
  • Canvas Camp” I’m not into Sibley Tents, but if you are, here’s a nice site to buy them. I mostly have this link saved for the accessories such as the tea light chandelier and the tent cleaning supplies

Waterproofing Canvas Tents

I haven’t used any of these, this is just a collection of options I’ve found. I have no validated any of them as good or bad.

SCA-Specific Camping and Glamping Resources

  • SCA Camping 101” includes not only a packing list but also information on how to choose which item to purchase to meet each of these needs. I found it mostly to be information I already knew, but I still refer to it as a quick list for myself before long events.

Towing, Truck, and RV-Stuff, Just Because

I’m toying with the idea of living in a van recreational vehicle down by the river, you know, as all 20-something-year-old-pseudo-hippies do at least once. Therefore, I also have some weird RV and towing links saved too. These could, in theory, come in handy to SCA people too so until I make a page just for RV links, they are going to live here too.

A Thousand More Links

These are just sites with more and more links, some about camping and setting up medieval campsites and others with flair, like this page, for whatever the author was into. Assume for each that my little list here is just a tiny sampling of what the page offers.

  • Kingdom of Atlantia” holy link overload – 7062 links in 32 categories. I’m not going to list them all. Just click it. For fun, their old website is here – I haven’t validated all the links made it to the new site but we can assume
  • Sven Skildbiter’s Index Page” – archery, arms, blacksmithing, craft, tents, trebuchets, other historical groups, fortifications, the Varangian Guard, note this page says it hasn’t been updated since 2006 so I might steal all his links someday and host them here in case his page goes dark
  • Stefan’s Florilegium” a little bit of everything

Camping-Specific Links for Medieval Campsites

  • Medieval Pavillion Resources” – pavilions, yurts, plus galleries, furniture, cooking, staying warm
  • House Greydragon” – furniture, round tents, equestrian, brewing, class notes, sewing hosen
  • Dragonwing” tent-making, tent buying, maintenance, furniture, history

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