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There are many sites just full of links for members of the Society for Creative Anachronism; this is another one. I was tired of trying (and failing) to keep these all organized on my browser bookmarks. This way, too, I can add notes and categories easier. I have a second page for SCA camping resources here.

If you happen to find a broken link below PLEASE let me know. I know how disheartening it is to find an amazing SCA links website with a title of a link that is absolutely perfect for your needs only to click on it and realize that the website hasn’t been updated since 1998 and the pages no longer exist because people have let their domains expire once they stopped playing because the SCA has been around for way longer than the internet and…. whew. Okay.

Note that I will definitely be adding to this page as I clean out more and more bookmarks from my computer.


Other Links Collections


General Information – Start Here for New Projects!

Galleries of Paintings

Extant Galleries or Examples

Okay if you haven’t looked at The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s gallery search then I’m going to tell you to stop now and go there. Below is a link for only items from 1400-1600 from Venice. Yeah. Flipping phenomenal. Here I’ve limited it to just bobbin lace from the same time and place. There are 95 results. 95. What?! Here are 189 textiles they’ve found. Yeah. Go check out The MET. Please.

Garb Essentials

Gamurra and Giornea




Caftans and Venetian Turkish Coats





Flag Fans


Pockets and Purses




Specific Dresses

Tiziano Vecellio (Titian), 1511: Portrait of a Woman Known as La Schiavona

Campi Dresses

The Unicorn (Florence) AND The Pregnant Woman (Florence)

Same dress, different colors. Basically. Raffaelo Sanzi, c1505: Lady with a Unicorn AND Raffaelo Sanzi, c1505-06: Portrait of a Woman (La donna gravida – The pregnant woman)

The Preaching of St. John the Baptist (Florence)

Francesco Ubertini (Bacchiacca), c 1520: The Preaching of St John the Baptist

Maddalena Doni Portrait by Raphael


I shamelessly pulled this list from someone’s Realm of Venus contest list. Verbatim-ish. The notes are even hers.

Ever After Costume References

Sewing Notes

  • 13 Costumes – Skirt Attached to Skirt
  • Eat, Sleep, Write, Sew – a cosplay blogger with tutorials
  • Stitches and Seam Techniques **
  • Portia’s Primers – Corsetry ** – Time and time again I saw people link to an article on Festive Attyre’s site called “Everything you ever wanted to know about boning with hemp cord, but were afraid to ask!” and time and time again the links were broken. No more! I finally found someone who has saved it from the past! And yes, you can bet I downloaded this file the moment I found it.

Places to Buy Patterns

Research Reference Books and Materials

Morgan Donner

^^Click that for her main site. She gets her own H2 heading instead of H3 mostly because I think she’s just great. Sigil agrees too. She sent Morgan a message on Facebook a few weeks ago (just before Pennsic) asking to be her best friend. Morgan agreed. I can’t even be mad that Sigil just replaced me like that.

Her content has helped me so much with her info that I even made a Patreon account just to support her …. I know how expensive domain fees can be. She also has an Etsy shop.

Here are just a sampling of some more of her dresses that I’m in love with:

I know I get a notification every time someone links to one of my pages on this website – it’s not often that it happens and it’s usually me elsewhere doing it – but I wonder if she does too…..

Awesome People with Awesome Web Presences That I Just Haven’t Finished Categorizing…

You’ll see their links repeated through the following categories. These are ones I have kind of explored but haven’t linked to all their pages I wanted to keep.

Known to be Active


Realm of Venus Annual Renaissance Costume Challenge Entrants

The Realm of Venus hosts annually a costume challenge. You can read her details about it on the 2019 Challenge page here. The below are just ones I’ve chosen to save with some notes on why I saved them each. Note that I’ve moved some to the “Specific Dresses” section if applicable. There are TONS of amazing resources throughout these pages but I only saved the ones relevant to my current interests.

I haven’t looked through all the showcases, but here are a few I had bookmarked:

Viking / Varangian / Rus

This section is only VERY VAGUELY sorted. AKA I didn’t actually open any of these links to properly sort them, I went specifically based on the URL and page name in my Bookmarks alone…




Historical Notes



Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Asian


Other European

Gothic Cotehardie

Sewing, Generic

Places to Buy Stuff



Jewelry and Accessories

Completed Bits for if I’m Ever Lazy with Disposable Income

** These pages I’ve saved offline HTML files for and can send them to you if the link is broken! 😀


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