Meet Bettie, My Ambulance

My current company, as mentioned in a previous post, is selling my division. Per management, the hope is that the new company keeps all of us. Almost all of our employees in this division sit in other offices; the office I work out of only has 6 employees part of the sale. They coded us in the system and presentations to the new buyers as work-from-home employees that report to Seattle.

This is a major win for me! In the next few months, as the sale becomes final, I’ll be transitioned either to a full-time work from home employee OR I’ll be laid off with hopefully a nice severance package. If I’m laid off, I can set aside the severance for emergencies and snatch up a new job pretty quickly. I’m not too stressed out about finding something. If the former option, I can move ahead with the plans I hinted at earlier!

I bought an Ambulance!

Weird pseudo-impulse buy for me, but I have purchased a 1998 Ford Econoline E-350 Super Duty Extended Cargo Type II Ambulance Conversion Package 7.3L Turbo Diesel v8. Whew. That’s a mouthful.

parked outside of my work!

I have been looking around at vans and travel trailers for the better part of two years now and just hadn’t bite the bullet. Last year my father even offered to give me his 23′ RV as some of you may have seen on my Instagram. It ended up with a friend of his instead. The debate of “SUV/Truck + Travel Trailer” or “Bus / Van + Regular Trailer” has been beating me up for months. Really it came down to figuring out what I was trying to accomplish.

Why Did I Buy an Ambulance?

Before I can feel comfortable representing United States culture I’d like to get out into the country deeper and get a better feel for those outside of my own little bubble. I periodically have been checking Craiglist and Facebook Marketplace for good deals and to get a feel for the market. Note Craigslist now charges to make automobile ads so fewer and fewer people are choosing to utilize the site. Facebook Marketplace is where it’s at!

I happened to come across the afforementioned Ford listed at $5,000. My coworker immediately informed me that I must call her Bettie. If you are, like Sigil, unfamiliar with the song “Black Betty” then I highly recommend a listen…… woah Black Bettie….. Am-bu-lance……!

I hadn’t been necessarily looking at ambulances prior but within a few minutes I realized it might be a great choice.; an ambulance provides a great framework for building a tiny mobile home for me to set up a base in any city I choose to visit. Bettie has a high-top roof already installed in which I can ALMOST stand-up. She has dual-alternators with which to charge any battery system I choose to add. She already has an inverter installed in a cabinet with lights, outlets, and switches throughout the van. She’s been well-maintained for most of her life. She is insulated. Except for the plumbing and a bed, she’s almost already a conversion!

What Are you Going to Do to Her?

At a minimum, I need to figure out a bed, a sink situation, temperature control, storage, and electrical.

Unfortunately, because I have 63 square feet in which to live (not including the driving cab) I need to research and plan almost every aspect of the build before I can actually start doing things.

Well, I could probably do the floor now. Probably.

I’m currently in the research and gathering stage and starting to plan out my layout.

Follow Along

I will definitely be making some major posts about the conversion here, but for detailed little bits feel free to follow along on her new facebook page.

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