VanLife Link Dump

Since I’ve made link dumps for other topics, I figure I should make one here too.

This is a work in progress. As I do more research this page will grow!

This is My Vanlife Sites

Sites that are mostly “this is my life, this is my van” or stories from the road, that kind of stuff.

How-To / Education Focused Sites

These might overlap with just plain vanlifer blogs or with the sites to buy stuff, but in general most posts are educational. Most of the above blogs include how-to pages too but I wanted to differentiate a little bit.

Ignore the <> notations. Those are for my own notes. Just open all of them and know that there’s definitely overlap….


Companies At Which You Can Throw Money

These are just a few parts I bookmarked as ideas, not necessarily the best nor places I recommend. I’ll tell you if I’ve actually bought something from one of them.

Companies That Do Things For You

  • Blue Ridge Adventure Vehicles – Asheville, Colorado – “Full Custom Conversions”
  • Bridge Bound Campers – Fayetteville, WV – “Converting Vans and Other Small Vehicles into Adventure Travel Dream Rigs”
  • Colorado Camper Van – Loveland, Colorado – “Van Build-outs for Differeing Lifestyles and Budgets”
  • Contra Vans – Denver, Colorado – “Innovative and Practical Conversion Systems”
  • Custom Connection – Roselle, Illinois – “For the Ultimate in Van Conversion”
  • Heartwood Custom Vans – Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Outside Van – Portland, Oregon – “Custom Purpose-Built Vehicles That Enable The Freedom To Adventure Off-Grid”
  • Sara and Alex James – Custom Vans
  • Sportsmobile – Note that they say they’ll do partial systems but Econolines can only be worked at the TX location. I emailed them about doing just my electrical and they said that they would have to rip out my perfectly functional $1,300 inverter and install a new one because they won’t touch existing systems. They also said they have a minimum of $10,000 for all installs.
  • U Joint OffRoad helps convert Ford Econolines into 4x4s, requires a 4” lift minimum
  • Vanlife Customs – Denver, Colorado – “One of a Kind Camper Vans to Fit a Variety of Lifestyles”
  • Wandervans – Boise, Idaho – “Experience a New Way to Buy a Campervan”
  • Wayfarer Vans – Colorado Springs, Colorado – “Plug-N-Play Camper Van Kits”

VanX has a whole list here too of more that is sortable by location, van type, and area of focus.

Places to Buy Parts or Information

Instagrams to Follow

Okay so I could make this list a million items long. Soooo I threw them all in a Google Sheet. Contact me here or via Instagram if you want to be added to the list!

Apps To Download


I haven’t gone through every site above and categorized them below, these are just the few specific links I happened to have bookmarked / wanted to remember.

Links from sites NOT above will have a (**) after them.



Layouts & Plans

Internet / WiFi / SmartVan

Cooking & Food Storage

Power Systems & Electrical

Miscellaneous Electric System Information

Small Electronics


Sink / Shower / Washing Up

Toilet Needs


Bed / Bedding

Gear & Organization

Skylights & Roof Racks

Lists of Things to Buy

Cost of VanLife / Budgeting


Mechanic Stuff

Upgrading a 7.3L Diesel

Work / Jobs / Career (**)

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